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  B&L Surveillance has allied itself to a standard of high quality and superb technology in order to meet all our client’s security needs. In the residential sector, we have surveillance systems to meet the diverse residential scenarios whether it be in the urban, rural, suburban areas. With the various security needs, we will tailor a system just for those particular wants as well as leave room for expansion. With crime rates rising we can help you to make you or your tenants feel safe in any residential environment. B&L Surveillance takes this very seriously and will partner with you in making sure that you or your tenants feel safe and secure.

Estates- preparing and maintaining a legacy for generations to come has become a major priority; investment in real estate is part of that legacy one would like to leave behind. Until that time comes you need to have peace of mind that your assets are being kept and well guarded. B&L Surveillance has a system for multiple assets surveillance within your fingertips. No longer will you have to pay security guards and dogs to patrol your estate.

Condos/Vacation homes-  with the economic market on the rise vacation homes and condos has become more affordable; so making sure that your vacation home/condo is being looked after is a peace of mind that’s hard to put a value on. B&L Surveillance has a system that will not only put you at ease but put you in the driver’s seat to see all the occurrences around your investment and your family’s future.