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    B&L Surveillance has tailored itself to high quality and technology to meet all our client’s needs. In the commercial sector, we have surveillance systems to meet any commercial scenario. We are able to meet our client’s demands regardless of what type of commercial environment they may present whether it be in a city, county, state or on a national level. With the various security options, we will tailor a system just for our client’s particular needs as well as leave room for expansion. With security breaches occurring on all levels we at B&L Surveillance take this very seriously and will partner with you in making sure that those breaches are closed for good. 

    Parking Lots/ Garages- Being able to provide patrons with the security of knowing that their vehicles are being closely watched, in hopes of preventing or minimizing vandalism or damage.  Even though one cannot control a mishap from occurring yet B&L can aid in notifying the authorities in real-time as well as capturing the perpetrator on video.

    Airplane Hangars – keeping a constant eye on one of your most prized possessions is not always feasible, but with B&L Remote Surveillance one could always be in touch to oversee the goings and comings around your assets.

    Storage Bins – being a farm owner is sometimes a daunting task due to your attention is needed in many directions so to be able to see the status of your storage and farming areas is quite convenient and lends to lest work.